Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting role-playing game available on all Android and iOS platforms

Shadow Fight 2 is a best classic fighting and role playing game of 2014 for android phones and tablets. This game allows you to equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike martial arts techniques. Destroy your enemies with delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to an all-new interface designed specifically for touchscreen combat. Customize your fighter with epic sword your way. Vivid and realistic images.

The Nintendo Switch version comes right after the Special Edition and has all the main features, plus the SPARRING mode - a local PvP match, that has become its hallmark.

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Shadow Fight 2 Game & Game Modes

Main mode

There are a total of 7 chapters, corresponding to each chapter being the Boss. But to fight with Boss you must destroy 5 bodyguards first, through this gate is not easy. Note that each time you pass a level, you should equip new items to apply skills and skills to be better unlocked by the system. BILLION

Sub mode

This mode helps us earn gold to buy new costumes and weapons in the game. Don't belittle because it's only when you increase your strength that the skill works well. Victory converges by many different causes combined.